When A Delayed Diagnosis Leads To Injury And Death

Not just any attorney at a personal injury law firm can handle the complexities of a medical malpractice case involving a delayed diagnosis. With so much at stake, you want to select an attorney combining experience and legal knowledge with vast resources, including the retention of a medical expert. Malpractice claims require time and money to identify deviations in the standard of care to prove negligence by a medical professional.

West Virginia Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys

At the Manchin Injury Law Group, we understand the personal nature of a medical malpractice claim. We are compassionate with our clients and passionate about fighting for the best outcome. They are more than names on a file or documents. They are family.

If you or a deceased loved one was victimized by a physician who failed to diagnose a serious illness, take action to protect your rights. Call our West Virginia failure to diagnose lawyers at 304-816-4097 for a free consultation.

Seeking Full Compensation For Victims Of Medical Malpractice

While medical advances have been made, a doctor who fails to provide basic standards of care can make that progress irrelevant. All the tools, technology and knowledge in the world mean little when a doctor fails to notice or treat a serious infection following surgery. Cutting-edge treatments may not have the impact they could if the attending physician did not make a timely diagnosis of cancer, heart disease or diabetes.

A bad situation has become worse, requiring legal action. Our job is to identify all economic losses and maximize financial recovery. We recognize that no amount of money will provide a cure or bring a loved one back to life. However, we believe that our clients are entitled to justice when action or lack of action by a medical professional changed their lives.

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