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August 2013 Archives

Former Players, NFL Reach Settlement in Head Injury Lawsuits

A settlement has been reached between former NFL players and the National Football League over allegations that the NFL had not disclosed the dangers of multiple and frequent head injuries to players. The proposed settlement, totaling $765 million covers some 4,500 former players suing the league over head injuries. The settlement breaks down to $170,000, on average, per player.

Practice Safe Driving this Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is unofficially the last weekend of summer for most. During this long weekend, millions of Americans hit the road to visit friends and family and to partake in recreational activities and picnics. With more people on the road, safety becomes even more important to drivers. For the past six years, the Labor Day weekend has averaged 14.6 percent more traffic deaths than similar non-holiday periods. Additionally, the National Safety Council estimates that 38,800 people will suffer from vehicle accident related injuries.

Desertion as a Ground for Divorce in West Virginia

In West Virginia, there a multiple grounds for obtaining a divorce. Willful desertion or abandonment for six months is a ground for divorce from marriage in West Virginia. Desertion in divorce law is the voluntary separation of one of the married parties from the other. Desertion can also be the voluntary refusal to renew a suspended cohabitation of the parties.

What to do after a car accident in West Virginia

You've just been in a car accident and confusion abounds. Whether it be a minor impact collision, or a major wreck, car accidents can cause major headaches as they often cause an individual to deal with injuries, insurance companies and other parties to the accident. Whatever type of accident one has been in, there are always certain steps you should take after an accident.

Car Accidents and Brain Injuries in West Virginia

Vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of brain injuries in the country. Unfortunately, many people do not even realize that they have suffered a brain injury following a car wreck. Furthermore, initial trauma treatment after a car wreck in places like emergency rooms often miss an initial brain injury diagnosis sometimes causing accident victims to miss crucial treatment.

Back to School Safety in West Virginia: Bully Prevention

As our fourth installment on school safety, we have chosen to examine school bullying and how it can be prevented. In West Virginia, the state legislature adopted a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying. West Virginia Code section 18-2C-3 provides that each county board of education shall establish a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bulling. What exactly is bullying, then?

Back to School Safety in West Virginia: Tips for Motorists

With schools now in session in parts of North Central West Virginia, and the rest of them starting on Monday, the attorneys and staff thought it important to remind parents about some things to help keep their kids safer when going to school and while at school. For our third installment on school safety, we are examining safety tips for motorists around school buses.

Back to School Safety in West Virginia: Playground Safety

Today is the first day of school for many kids in North Central West Virginia. Kids in Monongalia, Harrison, Preston, Lewis and Upshur counties all start school today, while those in Marion and Randolph counties start school on Monday.

Back to School Safety in West Virginia: Transportation Safety

Its back to school time in West Virginia! Children in Monongalia, Harrison, Preston, Taylor, Lewis and Upshur counties start school on Thursday, August 22, 2013, while kids in Marion and Randolph counties start school on Monday, August 19, 2013. With kids starting back to school it is important to review important rules to keep our children safe at school and during their travel to and from school.

Company Explains Cause of Deadly Doddridge County Explosion

In a letter Wednesday to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Antero Resources provided their explanation for a deadly natural gas well explosion that occurred last month in Doddridge County, West Virginia.

Deadly Car Accidents Are Reminders to Remember Road Safety Rules

A string of deadly car accidents throughout West Virginia in recent days are reminders of how dangerous cars can be and should cause us to revisit road safety rules.

Tactics used by insurance companies in Fairmont, Clarksburg, and all of West Virginia

If you have been injured as a result of someone's carelessness, more than likely, you will have to deal with an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters and the insurance industry will often go to great lengths to obtain information from you early and will also try to push you into an early settlement before you are fully recovered from your injuries.


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