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Distracted driving Archives

Safety Week: Teen Driving

This week's safety topic is focused on teenagers and driving. A study conducted by The Reporter, Car and Driver Magazine, shows that a person talking and/or texting while driving takes longer to stop a vehicle than a driver who is considered legally drunk with a 0.08 percent blood-alcohol content. The study found that at 70 mph an intoxicated driver needed only four more feet to brake versus a driver sending a text message needing 70 more feet to stop than an unimpaired driver. This may be a little surprising to some, but it is also the reason distracted driving is turning into the new DUI.

Study: Driver Distractions can extend 27 Seconds Beyond Act

A recent study from the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety concludes that unsafe mental distractions can last as long as 27 seconds after a driver engages in a distracted behavior such as dialing a phone, changing music, or sending a text message using voice commands.

Fairmont Police: Distracted Driving Citations on the Rise

Although it has been illegal to operate a hand held cell phone while driving in West Virginia since 2013, it hasn't stopped people from hand held phone use. According to the Fairmont, WV, police department, since the inception of the law banning hand held phone usage while driving, citations in Fairmont have increased by the police department. In 2014, the Fairmont Police Department reported issuing 104 citations to drivers using mobile phone while there have already been 235 citations given out during 2015.

Distracted Driving: One Text or Call Could Wreck it All

It is always important to understand the dangers of distracted driving and April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) approximately 660,000 drivers are operating a cell phone or mobile electronic device while driving at any given daylight moment in the United States.

Study: Distracted Driving Accounts for Majority of Teen Crashes

A new study just released by the American Automobile Association (AAA) concludes that distracted driving contributes to 58 percent of car accidents involving teen drivers. This is more than 4 times the previous estimates that were based on police reports.

Teens tend to drive distracted more than any other age group

The Governor's Highway Safety Association recently released a report showing that teen drivers make up the biggest category for drivers that were distracted during a fatal collision. 57% of the fatalities were the teen drivers, the other 43% includes other occupants, bicyclists, and pedestrians. 10% of all drivers under the age of 20 were reported as distracted at the time of a collision.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

April is distracted driving awareness month.  Did you know that the term "distracted driving" was the 2009 word of the year according to Webster's Dictionary?  Although that was several years ago, distracted driving continues to be a problem on our highways.

Survey indicates more older drivers are distracted by smartphones

Distracted driving. When those two words cross most people's minds, an image of a young person behind the wheel, looking down and texting a friend comes to mind. For most of us, distracted driving is often associated with younger drivers and, for good reason. However, a recent survey highlighted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week indicates that distracted driving for drivers over 30 is a growing safety concern.

Talking While Driving Will be Illegal July 1

Starting on Monday, July 1, 2013, it will be illegal to talk on a hand held phone and driving in West Virginia. Last year, in an effort to curb distracted driving, the West Virginia Legislature passed a law outlawing texting while driving. The law provided that talking on a hand held cell phone while driving also became illegal but was not immediately a primary offense for which you could be pulled over. However, the law did provide that starting on July 1, 2013, talking while driving on a hand held device would be an illegal, primary offense. This means that beginning on July 1, 2013, police officers can pull you over for talking on a hand held mobile phone.

Texting while driving offenses on the rise in WV

To curb distracted driving, starting in July 2012, it was against the law to text while driving.  In the ten months since the law took effect, according to the Charleston Gazette, there have been 125 convictions of drivers who texted while driving in West Virginia.  While the overall number of 125 convictions may seem small, when compared to larger neighboring states like Virginia, which had 316 texting while driving offenses, West Virginia's enforcement of the law appears on track. 


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