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Month: July 2018

The Dangers of All Terrain Vehicles

Posted in ATV accidents on July 31, 2018

All terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are small vehicles that can usually hold 1-3 passengers. ATVs are typically used to maneuver rocky road and trail conditions. Because they have little to no protection for its’ riders, ATV accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries to its’ passengers. The most common causes of ATV accidents involve exceeding… read more

Large Truck Drowsy Driving

Posted in Trucking accident on July 27, 2018

Drowsy and fatigued driving is one of the main causes of large trucking accidents. These accidents occur when drivers are not getting enough rest. Laws have been put in place to increase the amount of rest and breaks truck drivers are required to take during trips. Often, however, drivers choose to ignore the requirements in… read more

Truck Drivers can Cause Serious Collisions

Posted in Trucking accident on July 26, 2018

Over 70% of car wrecks occur as a result of distracted driving. Because large trucks are harder to control, stop, and handle, truckers can cause serious accidents if they become distracted. Truck drivers as with all drivers have many distractions behind the wheel including mobile phones, radio, and navigation systems. Truck drivers spend hours at… read more

Large Truck Crash Overview

Posted in Trucking accident on July 24, 2018

Most deaths that occur in an accident involving a large truck are from passenger vehicles. Large trucks are involved in about 11% of all fatal motor vehicle collisions each year. Large trucks generally are at least 20 times heavier than a normal passenger vehicle. The extra weight of the truck causes it to require a… read more

Outdoor Safety

Posted in Safety Tips on July 20, 2018

With summer in full swing and July being National Parks and Recreation Month, more people are traveling to state parks for hiking, biking, and geocaching. When going into the woods on trails or camping, safety needs to be your number one priority. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when enjoying the outdoors:… read more

Playground Safety

Posted in Safety Tips on July 18, 2018

With summer in full swing and July being National Parks and Recreation Month, more children are visiting playgrounds. While playgrounds provide hours of fun, they can also have lurking dangers. Below are some tips to stay safe while playing at a park. Always have supervision. Adults can recognize dangers quickly and easily compared to children…. read more

National Parks and Recreation Month

Posted in blog on July 16, 2018

Parks and recreation not only establish, but also maintain quality of life for communities and citizens who visit. Why celebrate parks and recreation month? In July of 1985, Americans began celebrating National Parks and Recreation Month. This provides the opportunity for communities to promote the benefits of their local parks to encourage people to get… read more

Stop Debt Harassment

Posted in Consumer rights on July 13, 2018

Debt collectors cannot harass you. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what debt collectors can and cannot do. Many debt collectors will try to convince you to pay their debt first. Creditors and collectors both know that the main reasons people cannot pay their bills are because of job loss, illness, divorce, or… read more

Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Posted in Safety Tips on July 12, 2018

The summer can be a fun season to spend with your pet. But the increased temperature and humidity create higher risks of injury and heat stroke to your pet. Here are some tips to keep your pet safe this summer: Provide constant access to water and shade. Although many cats and dogs like to sunbathe,… read more

National Pet Fire Safety Day

Posted in Safety Tips on July 10, 2018

July 15th, was National Pet Fire Safety Day. When practicing fire drills, pets are often overlooked but still need to be considered when an unexpected fire takes place. Many times, pets can create a serious fire with a mix of their curiousness and a small candle (or other open flames). With wagging tails and batting… read more