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National Preparedness Month

Posted in Safety Tips on September 5, 2018

National preparedness awareness month occurs during the month of September. We are in the middle of hurricane season and although West Virginia isn’t typically affected by hurricanes, we are still able to experience heavy rainfall, mudslides, and other natural disasters. If you and your family has not taken the time to plan for a disaster, now is the time to do it.

Be informed.

Learn the steps you and your family need to take before, during, and after an emergency. Common protection measures for any emergency include physical safety like having a shelter or evacuating, a communication plan, having an emergency kit, knowing local contacts for assistance during disasters, and learning local alerts and emergency plans.

Make a plan.

When a disaster comes, your family may not be at the same place. Plan for how to contact each other and where to meet up if you become separated. When making your family plan, you should look into emergency plans for common places your family spends time.

Build a kit.

Each family member should have access to an emergency kit that contains basic survival items. During some disasters, it can take emergency crews up to days to reach everyone. Having food, water, a first aid kit, and other supplies always available is very important.

Get involved.

Everyone in your family and community need to work together to create the safest environment during an emergency.

Being ready for a disaster is extremely important for the safety of your family and neighbors. This is the time to get prepared in the event of an emergency. Be in the know and ready to go!