Case Results

Our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. These case results represent just a sample of the cases we have handled. Past results by this firm or any other firm do not guarantee future results. These case results are examples of the type of work done by the Manchin Injury Law Group and are not a guarantee that any prospective case will yield any particular result.

Significant 7-figure settlement Medical Malpractice — This significant settlement stemmed from medical negligence to a young child. This large settlement provided financial stability to the child's family and will ensure that the child is provided with adequate care for the remainder of his life.

Significant 7-figure settlement Workplace Injury — When a natural gas rig collapsed and killed a worker, the Manchin Injury Law Group was able to secure a significant seven-figure settlement for the worker's widow and child.

Substantial 7-figure settlement Car Accident — Our client was severely injured when a car traveling the wrong way on the interstate collided with our client's vehicle. A substantial 7-figure settlement was obtained which helped our client pay for his medical bills, lost wages, and future lost earning capacity.

Significant Settlement Coal Mining Death — After safety rules were violated at the Sago Mine in 2006, 12 miners were killed. Our lawyers represented the family of one of the killed miners and ensured that the coal mine operator was held accountable for blatantly violating safety rules.

Significant Settlement Coal Mining Death — Our client died as a result of a deliberate disregard for safety violations. As a result of our work, the coal mine was held accountable for disregarding safety violations.

Significant 6-figure settlement Workplace Injury and Brain Injury — When our client was severely injured after falling from a roof, our attorneys investigated the cause. After our investigation, it was determined that our client's employer failed to provide adequate fall protection to our client, leading to OSHA violations and, ultimately a severe brain injury, and inability to work. A significant 6-figure settlement was obtained which will help our client pay for his medical bills and provide financial security for him in the future.

Policy Limits Settlement ATV Accident — After being struck by an ATV, our client sustained a severe leg fracture and needed surgery. A hard fight with the insurance company over coverage ensued, however, our attorneys prevailed and were able to obtain a policy limits settlement for our client.

Substantial 6-figure settlement Car Accident and Brain Injury — After our client was rear-ended on a busy four-lane highway, he sustained a traumatic brain injury. Our lawyers were able to make the case that our client suffered from a traumatic brain injury and would be forced to leave the workforce earlier than he expected.

Substantial Six-Figure settlement Medical Malpractice — A Doctor at a VA hospital failed to diagnose our client with cancer after radiological studies showed a mass. Sadly, our client passed away due to this missed diagnosis. A substantial settlement was achieved after our lawyers made the case that the diagnosis was missed and that, had it been determined at the time of the first consultation, our client would have had a greater chance of living.

Substantial Six-Figure settlement ATV Accident — Our client, a passenger on an ATV, was severely injured after being thrown from the ATV. After a lengthy coverage battle with the insurance company, we were able to obtain a six-figure settlement for our client that provided her with the necessary money to pay her medical bills and lost wage and placed her in a more secure financial position.

Significant Six-Figure settlement Trucking Accident — After our client was hit by a tractor-trailer, he was severely injured. After lots of work, our attorneys were able to prove that the truck's brakes were not adequate and that the truck driver wasn't paying attention. A substantial settlement was attained which helped pay for our client's medical bills and lost wages.

Policy Limits Settlement Medical Malpractice — When a doctor missed a diagnosis of a blood clot, our client lost blood flow to her intestines, resulting in the loss of most of her intestines. Our firm went to work and obtained a policy limits settlement for our client which will help her pay her medical bills and her future medical care.

Substantial Six-Figure Settlement Medical Malpractice — Our client wasn't adequately assisted in a medical facility and fell as a result. After an intensive investigation, we were able to obtain a six-figure settlement which will provide our client the ability to obtain medical assistance he will need for the rest of his life.

Major Six-Figure Settlement Car Accident and Brain Injury — After being rear-ended by a car, our client suffered a traumatic brain injury that prevented him from being able to work. Our attorneys were able to make that case that the client suffered from a brain injury that would have a long-term impact. A major six-figure settlement was achieved, providing enough money to pay for our client's medical bills and provided financial security to our client knowing that he was unlikely to return to work.

Policy Limits Settlement Car Accident — After our client was T-boned at an intersection by a careless driver, major medical care was needed on a broken leg. A policy limits settlement was achieved which helped our client pay his medical bills.

Significant Six-Figure Settlement ATV Accident — After the ATV in which our client was a passenger wrecked in a wooded area, our client suffered severe injuries requiring brain surgery. When another law firm determined they couldn't help, our attorneys pulled up their sleeves and worked through multiple complex insurance issues to obtain justice for our client. After an extensive litigation process, we were able to obtain a significant six-figure settlement for our injured client that provided him with money to pay his medical expenses and to assist him in his everyday life.

Substantial Six-Figure Settlement Car Accident — While waiting to exit the interstate, our client was rear-ended by a truck, causing her significant injuries and requiring surgery. A settlement was reached that allowed our client to pay for her medical bills, pain and suffering, and provided money for additional future treatments that may be necessary.

Significant Six-Figure Settlement Insurance Dispute — When the insurance company failed to recognize our client's claim for underinsured motorists coverage after the client had been severely injured in a car wreck, we filed suit against the insurance company for bad faith insurance practices. As a result, the insurance company was held accountable for their actions and a confidential settlement was reached.

$157,025.31 Jury Verdict Car Accident — After our client was rear-ended and required surgery as a result of the injuries she sustained in the car accident, she was forced to file suit. Our attorneys took the case to trial after the insurance company offered a "low-ball" settlement offer. The jury verdict provided justice to our client and ensured that she was able to obtain compensation for her medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. The best offer prior to trial was less than $40,000.

Jury Verdict Product Liability — Our attorneys participated in this important trial in which a West Virginia Jury concluded Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., intentionally destroyed files about the development and marketing of Actos, a diabetic drug that allegedly caused bladder cancer.

$106,448.25 Jury Verdict Car Accident — After a rear-end car accident requiring our client to have surgery, our client was forced to file suit to obtain fair compensation. After a "low-ball" offer from the insurance company, our client was forced to take her case to trial.

Significant Six-Figure Settlement Workplace Injury — When a subcontractor on a home construction site failed to follow OSHA regulations, our client fell more than 20 feet, fracturing his ankles, requiring surgery. After intensive litigation, we obtained a significant six-figure settlement for our client that provided him with compensation to pay for his medical bills, lost wages, and provided money for his pain and suffering since his injuries.

Substantial Six-figure Settlement Vehicle/Pedestrian Accident — Our client was severely injured when attempting to cross a road to enter a store. The store owner knew that patrons parked in the area where our client parked yet did nothing to provide a safe passage for patrons to get to the store. Our attorneys presented a case against the driver who struck our client as well as the store owner and property owner and a significant six-figure settlement was obtained.