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At the Manchin Injury Law Group, we help our clients overcome the obstacles in a personal injury claim with dedication, passion and strict focus on achieving the best outcome. We pride ourselves on providing a voice for the voiceless throughout West Virginia.

Specific areas of our practice include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Talking to an insurance company directly following an accident can jeopardize your rights. Adjusters are not interested in your side of the story. Their goal is to build a car, truck or motorcycle accident claim that minimizes your compensation. Claims against large trucking companies are just as challenging when a driver of a tri-axle truck causes catastrophic neck, back or traumatic brain injuries.

Work-Related Accidents

Our handling of work accident claims involves professionals in the gas drilling and coal mining industries. Inherent dangers exist on a work site where explosions and cave-ins can occur. Those accidents often lead to serious injuries or death. Our attorneys combine comprehensive experience and unique insight into the regulations that govern both industries.

Medical Malpractice

The trust placed in a doctor or surgeon to maintain basic standards of care is irreparably broken following an instance of malpractice. Cases are complex, and require experience, ongoing legal knowledge and resources to pursue claims against medical professionals. At the Manchin Injury Law Group, our West Virginia medical malpractice attorneys possess all three, and combine those attributes with passion and dedication in securing the compensation our clients and their family members deserve.

Premises Liability

Accidents that occur on commercial or residential property require immediate legal representation. If serious injuries resulted from a slip-and-fall, take action and contact the attorneys at our law firm. While patrons and visitors have a responsibility to avoid danger, some hazards are simply impossible to avoid. In a premises liability claim, we take a fact-based approach in thoroughly investigating not only the accident, but also the site where it occurred.

In addition, we represent people in matters involving:

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