Legal Advocates For Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

At the Manchin Injury Law Group in Fairmont, we help people who have been injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents obtain fair compensation for their losses from negligent drivers and their insurance carriers. As a firm, we have been doing this type of work in North Central West Virginia for more than 30 years, and we have handled virtually every type of motor vehicle accident case there is.

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What Should You Do After A Car Accident?

After a car wreck, you should immediately seek medical attention. When you are at the hospital or doctor's office, be certain to mention every pain or symptom you've experienced in connection with the accident, including any loss of consciousness. If you do not see a doctor shortly after the accident and your injuries grow worse over time, as is common, attorneys for the insurance companies may be able to argue that those injuries are not even connected to the accident.

After seeking medical help, you should report the car accident to your own insurer and be careful not to make any statements to insurance adjusters, even your own, before speaking with an attorney, since your statements could later be used to undermine your claim.

How We Can Help

Our firm provides strong representation on behalf of accident victims but is committed to helping clients in several other important ways as well. This includes helping them find and obtain appropriate medical treatment, get their medical bills paid and more. We also issue payment guarantees to willing landlords, medical providers, mortgage holders and other creditors. Sometimes we can use your insurance to soften the difficulties with being off work without wages.

Accidents And Head Injuries

It is possible to suffer a head injury that results in a permanent cognitive disability without even realizing it. In fact, it happens all too frequently. Our attorneys know the dangers of settling a motor vehicle accident claim too quickly, have extensive experience with the types of head injuries that won't necessarily show up on a diagnostic test and won't take chances when it comes to your compensation in order to take a quick fee.

Free Case Evaluation

If you would like one of our lawyers to review your auto accident claim — you can schedule an appointment by calling either of the two phone numbers listed above or by sending us an email that briefly describes what happened.

There is no cost or obligation to hire us, and we do not charge any legal fees for handling cases unless we obtain a verdict or settlement on your behalf.