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Allegedly Amazon is Responsible for TBI

Posted in Traumatic Brain Injuries,Uncategorized on August 11, 2017

Earlier this year, the parents of the teenager who was impaled through his forehead with a samurai sword filed a lawsuit against Amazon. Their son and two of his friends were playing with the sword that was purchased from Amazon back in 2012. The two boys were taking turns throwing water bottles into the air and attempting to chop them in half with the sword. The girl filmed the game encouraging the two to keep playing. During one of the swings, the 27″ blade came out of the handle. Flew about 20′ before impaling the teenager through his head.

This event was very unfortunate that ultimately lead to a traumatic brain injury that their son will have to recover from for his entire life. The teenager has come out of the 6 week coma, but will be continuing with physical and speech therapy for many more years.

The Plaintiffs allege that Amazon is responsible for the product liability claim being filed even though they were not the manufacturer. Buyers were not warned that the sword was for decoration only. Amazon was primarily involved in the sale which means that they were the ones responsible for, at the very least, providing warning labels in the shipped box. The sword is no longer for sale on Amazon’s website or from the manufacturer’s website.

The teenager’s friend who filmed and encouraged them to play the game is responsible for choreographing the game. Criminal charges could be pursued if the result is fatal or if it rises to the level of criminality.