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Are you prepared in the event of an emergency?

Posted in Safety Tips,Uncategorized on September 9, 2014

September is National Preparedness Month. If you and your family have not already taken the time to make a plan for when disaster strikes, now is the time to do it. Emergencies can happen at any time, big or small. Having a plan is not just for the home, but for the workplace and community as well. Schedule a day for your family, co-workers, and neighbors to make an emergency plan for when disaster strikes.

Be informed. Learn what steps to take before, during, and after an emergency. Basic protective measures for any emergency include; physical safety (sheltering or evacuating), a family or community communication plan, having an emergency kit, knowing contacts for assistance during disasters, and learning about local alerts as well as local emergency plans.

Make a plan. Your family may not be together when a disaster strikes. A plan needs to be made for how to contact each other, get to a safe place, meet up with each other, and what to do in different situations, big or small. It is important to talk to community leaders on how your neighbors and other community members can work together in the event of a disaster. When making a plan for your family, it is helpful to know the emergency plans for the places your family spends time.

Build a kit. Emergency kits should include basic essential items for survival, especially if evacuation is required in a hurry. Sometimes it can take a few days for emergency officials to reach everyone, so having food, water, a first-aid kit, other various supplies available is important. These supplies should be able to be used or consumed without electricity or gas.

Get Involved. Everyone needs to work together to ensure safety during emergencies. Help out by volunteering to help efforts in your community, being a part of the planning process, or starting a preparedness plan.

Being prepared is important for the safety of everyone during a disaster. This is a time when your family and community needs the most help. Be in the know, and ready to go!