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Truck driver sued after crossing center line and crashing

Motorist in car is suing driver’s company after accident left him with severe injuries

A man who was severely injured in 2013 collision with a truck has filed a lawsuit against the construction company that owned the truck, according to the West Virginia Record. The man alleges that the truck struck his vehicle after the truck driver crossed the center line and drove into oncoming traffic. The man claims he has been left with severe and permanent injuries. It has yet to be determined why the truck driver might have crossed into oncoming traffic.

Head-on collision

The accident occurred Dec. 2, 2013 when the plaintiff was driving close to Three Mile Curve. He claims that while he was driving, a truck crossed to the left and over the center line, hitting the man’s vehicle.

The man is now suing the truck driver’s employer, the owner of the truck, who he says are liable for the accident. He is suing for damages, interest, and medical expenses. The lawsuit was filed in June in Logan Circuit Court.

Truck and car collisions

Truck and car collisions tend to be particularly catastrophic accidents because of the severe damage that a large truck can cause to a much smaller vehicle. These types of accidents can lead to severe and permanent injuries for victims and, in the worst cases, even death.

According to the Legal Examiner, while the specifics of this particular case have yet to be determined, vehicles may cross the center line for a number of different reasons. Drivers who are impaired by drugs and alcohol have a difficult time maintaining their lanes, for example. Also, distracted driving, especially when caused by cellphone use, is another significant problem and is now considered even more dangerous than impaired driving. Furthermore, a serious concern, especially with truck drivers working long shifts, is driver fatigue. Fatigued drivers behave similarly to drunk drivers and often have difficulty keeping their full attention on the road.

Motor vehicle accidents

Regardless of the cause, a motor vehicle accident of any kind can lead to serious pain and suffering for injured victims. When an accident is the result of another driver’s negligence, victims are bound to feel confused and angry as a result.

People who have been injured by an allegedly negligent driver should get in touch with a personal injury attorney today. Although no amount of financial compensation can undo the harm caused by an accident, an attorney can help victims discuss what legal options may be available to either pursue compensation or hold a negligent driver accountable.