Bicycle Safety for All Ages


posted in on October 09,2014

A bicycle isn’t just a toy-it’s also a vehicle. Just like any other car or truck, safety is important when riding a bike to prevent injuries. The cause of accidents and injuries are usually related to the behavior of the bicyclist. Be sure to take safety precautions before and during your bike rides.

Before getting on your bike, make sure you have a helmet. Bikers of all ages should be wearing one. Failing to wear a helmet could result in a serious head or traumatic brain injury. The bicycle needs to be adjusted properly for comfort and fit. The handlebar height should be the same height of the seat. The seat should be level front to back and the height of the seat should allow a slight bend at the knee when the leg is fully extended. Double check the tires and brakes before going for a ride. Bright clothing can help motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians, and other bikers see you.

When riding a bike, it is safest to ride in the road with the flow of traffic. Children less than 10 years old are not responsible enough to make the choices to safely drive in the street and should ride on the sidewalk. If riding on the sidewalk, use extra caution around driveways and entrances and always stop at corners.

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