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Trucking accident Archives

Trucking Accidents

Collisions involving trucks tend to be particularly catastrophic accidents because of the severe damage that a large truck can cause to a much smaller vehicle. These types of accidents can lead to severe and permanent injuries for victims and, in the worst cases, even death. Recent statistics demonstrate that roughly 1 out of nine traffic fatalities involve a large truck.

Sharing the Road with Tractor Trailers- Be Safe and Alert

If you live in North Central West Virginia, it is nearly impossible to avoid driving on Interstate 68 or Interstate 79 during your travels. If you have travelled on the interstate, you have driven near or next to a tractor trailer. Chances are you have also seen many of the recent news articles discussing the numerous tractor trailer accidents on these interstates.

Truck Drivers Resist New Sleep Rules Regardless of Risks

Sleep deprivation is a common cause of tractor trailer accidents throughout the United States. For decades, federal regulations have tried to ensure that truck drivers get ample rest before and during trucking routes. Unfortunately, in a business where the amount of money made is dependent upon the amount of miles driven, time becomes very important.

Fairmont Man Killed in Trucking wreck on Interstate 79

News outlets are reporting that a Fairmont man has died as a result of injuries he sustained from a car wreck. On Wednesday, Ryan Gross, a 2012 graduate of Fairmont Senior High School, was traveling on Interstate 79 when a semi-truck merged into his lane causing his car to hit the back of the tractor trailer and over turn. Gross was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital where he later died from injury complications. The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured in the wreck.

Bus Crash Highlights Dangers of Tire Blow-outs

A bus crash in Tennessee yesterday caused eight deaths and multiple injuries. The passenger bus was carrying a group of seniors on their way back from a religious conference.

Fairmont, WV man killed in trucking accident

Various news outlets reported over the weekend that an individual working for the Reclaim Company is dead after being run over by a tractor trailer on Thursday morning.  Fairmont Police said Robert Goff, 50, attemped to jump into a truck after it broke free on First Street.  Police reported that Goff fell to the ground and was then run over.  The truck then hit a parked pick-up truck and another parked tractor trailer, both of which were owned by Reclaim.


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