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Category: Medical Malpractice

West Virginia Informed Consent Laws

Posted in Medical Malpractice on November 9, 2020

When you have a health condition, you have the legal right as a patient to give or withhold your consent to undergo treatment. It is your right to carefully weigh all of the treatment options available with a physician before making your decision. If a doctor fails to provide all the information necessary for you… read more

Difference Between Medical Negligence and Medical Malpractice

Posted in Medical Malpractice on December 19, 2019

Medical mistakes in any capacity are alarming. Medical practitioners undergo years of extensive training in the handling and care of patients. You have the right, therefore, to expect a certain level of care when you visit a doctor. Dipping beneath this level of care can cause serious and potentially fatal patient injuries and illnesses. Distinguishing… read more

Delayed Diagnosis: Lung Cancer

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on November 17, 2017

Major advancements have improved treatment of various types of cancer and the life spans of those diagnosed. Cancer was once considered a death sentence, but now there is hope in treating and recovering from the disease. Early detection, however, is vital. A misdiagnosis or even a briefly delayed diagnosis can make a treatable condition untreatable…. read more

Can a slip-and-fall be linked to Medical Malpractice?

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on September 22, 2017

We go to hospitals to recover, not to get injured. Sometimes medical mistakes lead to injuries. But if you fall during a hospital visit, can it be considered medical malpractice? If you fall in a hospital due to the negligence of a hospital employee, you may be compensated for damages including medical bills, pain and… read more

Medical Errors Now Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on May 4, 2016

A recent study published in the BMJ indicates that medical errors in hospitals and from other health care facilities are very common and may be the third leading cause of death in the United States. According to the study, 251,000, lives every year are cut short due to medical errors. This is higher than respiratory… read more

Potential Hepatitis Exposure from Beckley Heart Clinic

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on March 24, 2016

A March 11, 2016, letter from Health Commissioner Dr. Rahul Gupta suggests that patients who had cardiac stress tests performed at Raleigh Heart Clinic, in Beckley, WV, between March 1, 2012, and March 27, 2015 should be tested for hepatitis. This letter stems from a West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources investigation concerning… read more

Medical Handoff Errors Cause Medical Malpractice

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on December 18, 2015

Like a fumble in football when the quarterback fails to get the ball squarely in his running back’s hands, fumbles occur also in the medical setting, and when they do, the results are often equally game-changing. Hand off errors are responsible or were a major contributing factor in approximately 80% of all serious medical errors… read more

July is Medical Malpractice Awareness Month

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on July 16, 2015

Statistics show that at least 210,000 to 440,000 individuals suffer from an avoidable injury caused by medical professionals that ultimately leads to the patient’s death every year[1]. Our hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals carry the responsibility to obey conventional medical standards that are brought forth through the American Medical Association, and other medical organizations… read more

Use of Power Morcellators may cause uterine cancer to spread

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on August 8, 2014

A power morcellator is a medical device used most often in female-specific surgeries like hysterectomies. The morcellator is used to grind uterine fibroids into microscopic pieces so that it can then be removed from a woman’s uterus by small incisions in her abdomen. The technique has had widespread appeal for both surgeons and patients in… read more

Supreme Court Rules Nursing Home Responsible for Wrongful Death

Posted in Medical Malpractice,Uncategorized on June 26, 2014

On June 18, 2014, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued its opinion in the case of Manor Care, Inc. v. Douglas. The facts of this case surrounded a woman named Dorthy Douglas, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient who as admitted to a nursing home in September 2009. After a few weeks of being in… read more