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Child Support

Both parents are responsible to support their children.

How is child support calculated?

The two main guidelines for determining child support amounts which includes each parent’s monthly income as well as the number of children. The amount of parenting time can also be a factor. Basic financial obligations such as adequate food, shelter, education, clothing, childcare, and healthcare are considered within the child support formula. Additional medical and educational expenses can also be considered essential; particularly if a child has special needs. However, each case is different and will be evaluated accordingly.

Child Support Enforcement

In the event that the noncustodial parent fails to provide the specified child support, enforcement may be needed. Child support payments are court ordered and everything from the total amount for payments to where the payments should be sent has been decided by a judge. Any and all changes in income must be reported and modifications to the child support order can be made on this basis. The Bureau of Child Support Enforcement provides child support and spousal support enforcement services.

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