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Company Holiday Parties Mean Liability Risk

Posted in Car accident,Uncategorized on December 26, 2014

Company holiday parties can be a great way to reward your employees for a year’s worth of hard work and dedication, but they can also be a breeding ground for safety and liability issues. Follow these tips to help keep your work party fun and accident-free.

The time and place of the party will go a long way toward setting the tone, and picking the right ones can help eliminate some of the risk. A daytime or week-night event is far less likely to result in excessive drinking, or otherwise result in employees behaving inappropriately. However, this party will probably have a lower attendance rate.

If alcohol is served, keep consumption lawful and in check. Hire professional bartenders and require IDs from everyone. Ask the bartenders to keep their eyes open for obviously intoxicated employees, and have them cut off before they drink too much. Providing food is also a good idea, as it typically slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. Don’t forget to provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages for those choosing not to drink!

Arrange designated drivers or cabs to ensure that everyone has a safe way to get home. Do this BEFORE any alcohol is consumed. Consider offering incentives to employees who offer to be designated drivers and/or pre-paid cab vouchers to employees. DO NOT allow a co-worker or guest to drive home if they’re drunk, or even tipsy. Call their spouse, call a cab, or drive them yourself if you haven’t been drinking. The legal driving limit in West Virginia is .08, which is no more than one or two drinks for most people.

For more information about the DUI laws in West Virginia, follow this link: