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Dangers of IVC Filters Highlighted in National News

Posted in Dangerous Drugs,Uncategorized on January 5, 2016

Recent reports from NBC news highlight the dangers of interior vena cava (IVC) filters. At least 27 deaths and hundreds of problems have been associated with ivc filters over the last ten years according to an NBC investigation.

New reporting from an NBC investigation suggests that the company associated with manufacturing the G2 series filter may have known about fatal flaws in its IVC filters soon after it was placed on the market. However, instead of recalling the G2 filter and the G2 Express filter, New Jersey based company C.R. Bard, kept the filters on the market for five years until 2010, selling more than 160,000 of the potentially defective filters.

The spider shaped IVC filters manufactured by Bard are implanted into the vena cava-the largest vein in the body-and were designed to stop blood clots from moving to the heart or lungs. A confidential study commissioned by Bard demonstrated that the Recovery filter had higher rates of risk for death, filter fracture, and movement than other competitor products. Even with this knowledge, the products were not recalled from the market until 2010.

IVC filters carry a high risk of fracture-often the arms of the filter can break off and migrate into the heart or other organs. The filters can also become completely dislodged and travel through the blood stream, creating a risk of tearing arteries or other tissue.

If you have been implanted with an IVC filter, particularly the Bard Recovery and the Bard G2 and have experienced problems as a result, contact the Manchin Injury Law Group today for a free consultation.