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Failure to Clean Off Your Vehicle Can Cause a Collision

Posted in Car accident,Uncategorized on January 23, 2014

Failure to remove snow and ice from your vehicle before travel can lead to a fine in some states. Being a peephole driver reduces a driver’s field of vision down to 2%-3% of their normal field of vision. Peephole driving increases the chances of a collision. Ignored ice or snow may fly off and hit other vehicles, causing damage, or strike pedestrians, causing injuries.

Peephole drivers are much more likely to cause a collision than normal drivers. They commonly pull out in front of other vehicles causing a major wreck. Any snow or ice that becomes dislodged from your vehicle causes more of a risk for other vehicles and pedestrians. Take the extra time to clean off all snow and ice from your vehicle before travel. It’s not worth the risk to you and others around you.

Here are some steps to take after you’ve been in a collision:

Stay Calm. Take a deep breath to gather yourself. Stay calm and be polite.

Check for Injuries. Evaluate yourself, your passengers, and others involved for any injuries.

Call an Ambulance and Police Department. Call an ambulance if there are any injuries and call the police department to file an accident report.

Take Pictures. Photograph the vehicles involved, any damage done, and license plates.

Remove Vehicles. If the collision is minor, remove your vehicles from the roadway.

Warn Others. Turn on your hazard lights and place road flares or reflective triangles to warn other drivers of the collision.

Contact Your Insurance Company. Report the accident and any damages caused by the collision so you can be reimbursed.

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