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First Responder for July – Chief Raymond Knight

Posted in Hometown Heroes on August 16, 2018

This month, we chose Chief Raymond Knight with the Boothsville Fire Department as the first responder for the month of July. Here’s more with WDTV: BOOTHSVILLE, W.Va. (WDTV) — Through the ups and downs, Chief Raymond Knight has been one of the first on the scene of an emergency.

Whether it’s Harrison, Marion, or Taylor County, Knight has been a volunteer. He says all he’s wanted to do is serve his community, being there when disaster strikes.

“Will be 42 years in October,” said Knight. “I’ve left Christmas dinners and birthday parties and everything to make calls to help the public more than anything else.”

For his years of service, Knight is being presented the First Responder Award from Manchin Injury Law Group.

“Sometimes we honor people for specific acts of courage,” said Tim Manchin with the Manchin Injury Law Group. “His act of courage is persevering through 42 years of putting it in day in and day out.”

“He continues to volunteer at the fire department,” said Taylor Downs with the Manchin Injury Law Group. “He continues to come in on almost a daily basis and he even went on runs before his surgery.”

Though he’s been facing some medical concerns, Knight has still made volunteering with the Boothsville Fire Department a top priority. Knight has tried to walk away, but says he just can’t leave.

“I tried to resign as chief but the members wouldn’t let me,” Knight said while fighting back tears. “So, I’m still here.”

On good days and bad, he makes sure business is done and his guys are in order.

Knight says he’s donating the money from the award to a cause close to his heart.

“I guess donate it to the Cancer Society,” he said.