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Grafton Car Accident Lawyer

You may not know how to recover after a serious car accident. You may be struggling to pay for medical expenses and vehicle repairs, as well as dealing with the loss of your sense of peace. The Grafton personal injury attorneys at Manchin Injury Law Group understand what you’re going through and the obstacles that you may face on the road to recovery. Our Grafton car accident lawyers can help you protect your rights and interests in the aftermath of a crash.

Why Hire a Grafton Car Accident Lawyer?

A car accident attorney in Grafton will have everything that you need to build a strong claim to damages without placing undue stress or pressure on you and your family. You can rest and focus on healing while your lawyer takes care of difficult legal processes on your behalf, including:

  • Investigating your car accident and determining fault
  • Preserving and collecting evidence against the other driver or party
  • Hiring qualified experts, such as crash reconstructionists
  • Illustrating the extent of your losses to an insurance company or the courts
  • Dealing with confusing paperwork 

You don’t have to worry about going up against the defendant on your own or making a mistake during the legal process after you hire a lawyer to represent you. You can rest assured that your lawyer is fighting for maximum financial compensation while keeping the cost and impact to you minimal.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim in Grafton, WV?

Act quickly to consult with an attorney if you believe you have grounds to bring a car accident claim against one or more parties in West Virginia. Like all states, West Virginia has a statute of limitations, or a deadline for filing, on personal injury cases. You have no more than two years from the date of your collision to bring a legal action. With only a few exceptions, you will be barred from financial recovery if you try to file after your two-year time limit has expired.

What Damages Can I Recover?

During your car accident case, you may hear the term damages in reference to both the losses you suffered in the collision and the financial compensation you can recover with an insurance claim or injury suit. You may be eligible to recover the following damages under state law:

  • Medical expenses (present and future)
  • Lost wages and lost capacity to earn
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement
  • Travel costs and rental car expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Legal fees
  • Punitive damages

It is important to create a comprehensive list of all of your damages – past, future, economic and noneconomic – when seeking compensation for a car accident in Grafton. Otherwise, you may accept less than you deserve from an insurance company. 

What to Do After an Accident in Grafton, WV

  1. Move to a safe place away from traffic if you are not seriously injured.
  2. Check yourself and others for injuries.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver.
  4. Call the police to report the accident, whether it is major or minor.
  5. Give the police your side of the story when they arrive. 
  6. Take photographs of the crash scene before you leave.
  7. Go to a hospital in Grafton without delay.
  8. File an insurance claim with your auto insurance company.
  9. Do not accept a settlement from the insurer until you have spoken to an attorney.
  10. Contact a car accident lawyer in Grafton, WV for assistance.

Contact a Grafton Car Accident Attorney Today

If you were recently injured in a car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident in Grafton, we can help. Contact Manchin Injury Law Group to request a free consultation, where we will listen to your story, answer your legal questions and provide advice on how to move forward. We can use almost 40 years of experience to help you successfully resolve your claim. Call (304) 367-1862 or contact us online today to learn more.