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Holiday Drunk Driving

Posted in Car collision,Uncategorized on November 27, 2017

During this holiday season everyone looks forward to family gatherings, socializing with friends, and office parties. This is a time where some people get a chance to cut loose and celebrate more than normal. They have a few more drinks and hop on the road to make it home. Since very few people work on Thanksgiving, it is common for people to binge drink on “blackout Wednesday“. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD, the Thanksgiving holiday produces more fatal drunk driving collisions than other holiday celebrations.

Everyone is responsible for keeping a drunk driver off the road; the party host, family, friends, and ultimately you. If attending a holiday party, make sure you have a sober designated driver and watch what your drink. When hosting a party, serve a variety of food and drinks, including non-alcoholic drinks. If you notice a family member or friend trying to drive drunk, make sure you stop them and find them a ride home or take them home yourself.

Although the number of drunk driving fatalities has been cut in half over the years, it’s still not enough. Drunk driving is preventable and so are the fatalities that come with it.

This time of year brings celebration with family and friends, however, happy times can come to a complete stop after drinking and driving. When celebrating this holiday season, be safe and responsible.