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Home Check-ups

Posted in Safety Tips on June 11, 2018

Throughout the year, it’s important to keep up with house maintenance to reduce the chances of injury. As seasons change, your house may have different needs. Check out our list of year-round home maintenance to be aware of when the weather changes.


When spring time approaches, you’re going to want to plug in that window air conditioner (if you don’t have a unit). After being stored all winter, window air conditioning units can hold some nasty surprises like dust, mold, dead bugs, and mouse droppings. Vacuum and clean as much of the unit as possible and fire it up in the garage or outside so you aren’t blowing anything left in the unit around your house.

Springtime is also when homeowners should check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they are properly working.


During the summer, you should examine porch and deck railings and stabilize any wobbly railings. This can prevent serious injuries from happening.

If your basement has window wells, you should consider keeping the well covered incase of flooding. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a heavy downpour for a gutter to get clogged, dumping water directly into your window well, this can cause the window to break and water to rush into your basement.


Appliance failures found in furnaces or hot water tanks can be extremely frustrating, especially in the fall and winter months. At least once a year, homeowners should drain water from their water heater to get rid of sediment buildup that can cause premature failure. Not doing this creates hot spots on gas powered heaters and can cause the heating element to fail on electrical heaters.

Protecting your home from mice is easy to do in the winter time. As the weather gets colder, mice look for a warmer place to live. Be sure to caulk any cracks or spaces that shouldn’t be there. Replacing the weather strip on your door is also a good idea.

Proper home maintenance will not only help your home and appliances last longer, but will also help to keep your home a safe place for your friends and family.