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Nursing Home Abuse: Would you recognize the signs?

Posted in Nursing Homes,Uncategorized on September 13, 2017

When family members get older, sometimes it can be hard to give them the proper care at home leading to the tough decision moving them to a nursing home or senior living facility. Not being able to care for a family member can be hard, but it can be worse if you learn of mistreatment while they are being cared for.

There tends to be more women mistreated than men. People over the age of 80 years old have a higher risk of being abused versus “younger” old people (ages 65-80). In 2010, 13% of the population was over the age of 65. That number is expected to jump to 20% in the year 2050 when the baby boomers start to age. In 2010 there were 5.8 million people above the age of 85. This number is also expected to increase to 19 million by 2050.

When you visit a loved one at a nursing home or assisted living facility, be sure to always ask how they’re being treated. Hope that they’ll answer honestly, but be cautious if you suspect something is going on. If your family member has dementia, they may not be able to report the abuse so always look for warning signs like bruises or other injuries. In some cases, nursing homes may use deceptive maneuvers to cover up any known abuse or neglect.

Only 1 out of 14 incidents of nursing home abuse/neglect come to the attention of the local authorities. You may be the only person able to stop anything from happening. If you suspect something, speak up. If your loved one has been a victim of nursing home or senior living abuse, contact one of our dedicated elder abuse attorneys to see what options you have.