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Parenting Tips During a Divorce

Posted in Divorce on May 15, 2018

Divorce is not easy for anyone involved and directly affects the children involved. While it may be difficult to deal with your spouse during a divorce, you can both take steps towards making the transition from one family unit to two for your children.

Allow your child/children to be open and honest with the court as they will attempt to find a solution that is the best interest of the child/children. Depending on the age of your child/children, the family court may arrange a time to speak with them to determine their preferences.

When exchanging your child for visits, do not use this time to argue with our spouse. Also, do not use your child as a “go-between” for yourself and your spouse or speak ill of your spouse in front of the child. These behaviors are stressful on a child and could possibly lead to limiting your parenting time with your child for the future.

Be aware of potential parental child abductions. If you think there is a possibility of your child being taken away by your ex-spouse, consider asking for a travel restriction or supervised visitation.

No matter what the circumstances are in your divorce, keeping your child’s/children’s best interest a main priority will help both parents make better decisions during the divorce process. For specific advice on your situation, contact one of our attorneys today.