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Playground Safety

Posted in Safety Tips on July 18, 2018

With summer in full swing and July being National Parks and Recreation Month, more children are visiting playgrounds. While playgrounds provide hours of fun, they can also have lurking dangers. Below are some tips to stay safe while playing at a park.

Always have supervision. Adults can recognize dangers quickly and easily compared to children. They can also provide help if an injury occurs.

Use equipment properly. Only one person should go down on a slide or use a certain toy at once. Being overloaded can easily cause a child to get injured. If there are age or size restrictions for specific equipment, it’s there for a reason and should be followed.

Watch your head. Many injuries from a playground involve someone walking in front of a swing and getting kicked. Always leave extra space when walking around swings.

Clean up after yourself. Keep the park and area around you clean by throwing away all trash you produced while being there.

Visit one of Marion County’s playgrounds today!

  • East Marion Park (Wave Tek)
  • Palatine Park
  • Gateway Connector Park
  • Belle Akers Park
  • Morris Park
  • Bellview Park
  • Paw Paw Youth Park