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Logging Truck Accident

Logging Truck Accident


Wild and wonderful West Virginia provides some remarkable scenery for locals and contributes to our state’s tourism economy throughout the year, as each season has something truly special to offer residents and visitors alike.

Because of the abundance of forestry and vast array of terrains in West Virginia, loggers and other companies that use logging trucks to haul raw materials to and from work sites and processing plants are abundant on roads all over our state, from major highways to rarely driven backroads.

Because of logging trucks’ weight and often oversized cargo, logging trucks may pose significant dangers to other motorists on roadways throughout West Virginia. Whether it is jackknifing, loss of cargo, or accidents and collisions with other drivers, logging trucks often cause multi-vehicle accidents and serious injuries to other drivers and their passengers if and when logging truck drivers, their companies and those companies’ owners are negligent in the upkeep and safety standards of their vehicles.

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How Logging Truck Accidents Happen

There are a number of different ways in which logging truck accidents occur, including:

  • Driver errors and negligence
  • Negligence in maintenance
  • Negligence in freight loading
  • Other drivers who do not respect the size and speed of logging trucks

Driver Errors

When a logging truck driver makes an error in judgment, is distracted by technology, or falls asleep at the wheel, the consequences can be grave. Logging trucks are giants on the road that can carry freight that weighs multiple tons. Because of the dangers the weight of logging trucks and the freight that is loaded onto them pose to other drivers on the road, it is essential that logging truck drivers receive comprehensive training that includes rigorous written and physical driving exams to receive the proper driving licenses. When logging truck drivers are driving, it is imperative they follow both state traffic laws and special federal and state regulations that are specific to the trucking industry.

Negligent Maintenance Practices

When the maintenance of a logging truck is neglected, there may be several parties at fault. If you have ever seen a car or pickup truck blow a tire or slide out of control because of bald tires, then you know the results can cause serious injuries, or even death. Many of these types of accidents also end up becoming near misses because the size of cars and pickup trucks allows drivers the opportunity to better control their vehicles during a skid or tire blowout. When a logging truck driver experiences a tire blowout, skidding or brake malfunction, however, the ability to turn a potential accident into a near miss is almost impossible because of the weight and size of logging trucks. When a logging truck’s critical components fail in a heavy volume traffic area, the results are usually deadly, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and multiple injuries and deaths.

Improper Loading Of Cargo

If you have ever driven past the scene of an accident where a logging truck’s freight was not properly loaded or tied down, then you know how dangerous this type of neglect can be. So often, we hear about truckers and trucking companies who talk about how well-maintained they keep their trucks, but end up causing accidents that injure or kill multiple people because of the way in which the freight on their logging truck was tied down or arranged. Unlike tractor-trailers, logging trucks don’t have the safety of a giant box encompassing potentially dangerous falling cargo. Instead, thousands of lives may be put at risk during a long haul due to the improper secureness of a logging truck’s freight.

Other Drivers

Finally, it is important to remember that not all logging truck accidents are caused by the logging truck driver. There are occasions when vehicles driven by passenger cars and commercial motor vehicles will cause logging truck drivers to make sudden moves or swerve to avoid an accident, causing the logging truck to jackknife or become detached from its load. Though this occasionally happens, the entities most often considered responsible for logging truck accidents in West Virginia are logging truck drivers, logging truck owners and any company that might contract out for the logging truck.

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