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Natural Gas Truck Accident

Natural Gas Truck Accident


With the recent increase in natural gas drilling in West Virginia, our roads have seen a dramatic increase in truck traffic. The roads that these large natural gas trucks are traveling are often located in rural locations on roads that were never meant for heavy commercial and industrial use. As a result, an increased number of serious car accidents have occurred.

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Advocates For Victims Of Natural Gas Truck Accidents

The injury attorneys at the Manchin Injury Law Group in Fairmont represent people who are victims of truck accidents involved in natural gas drilling. Oftentimes, trucking companies are in a hurry to meet schedule deadlines. In so doing, trucking companies often violate state and federal safety regulations meant to keep motorists safe.

Our attorneys have the know-how to conduct a comprehensive investigation against a truck operator and trucking company. We will find out if issues like drug use by the driver, driver fatigue and negligent hiring practices by the company caused the accident. We will seek maximum compensation for you.

With Our Attorneys, You Never Have To Stand Alone

At the Manchin Injury Law Group, we are a client-focused and results-oriented law firm. Our attorneys practicing in the area of natural gas trucking accidents are experienced in guiding you through the claims and litigation process. If you’ve been injured, you don’t have to stand alone.

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