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West Virginia SUV Rollover Accident Attorney

West Virginia SUV Rollover Accident Attorney


West Virginians love their trucks and SUVs. Since the beginning of the nation’s boom in SUV sales 25 years ago, West Virginia has also unfortunately seen a large rise in rollover accidents, particularly with sport utility vehicles.

Though larger vehicles seem to provide us with a better sense of security while we are on the road, the fact is that there have been hundreds of SUV accidents caused by rollovers going back to the early 1990s. It is really just simple physics: top-heavy vehicles are more prone to rollover accidents. This is particularly true when a driver is traveling at high speeds and attempting to negotiate a sharp turn or bend in the road, but it is also true under normal driving circumstances as well.

Whether you have lost a loved one and need to file a wrongful death lawsuit, or you or a family member was seriously injured, we can help. The Manchin Injury Law Group in Fairmont, West Virginia will work to get you and your loved ones due compensation when a SUV rollover accident occurs.

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Helping You Recover After A Rollover Accident

Even the seemingly most minor accidents can cause major problems. The NHTSA says that serious brain injuries occur at a 36 percent higher rate during rollover accidents compared to non-rollover accidents. Because of an SUV’s high center of gravity, just bumping a curb while traveling over certain speeds can induce a rollover. Rollover accidents also increase the chances that a person inside the vehicle can be ejected, further increasing victims’ chances of hemorrhaging, serious back and spine injuries, serious brain injuries, being suffocated or dying.

Injuries that come as a result of SUV rollover accidents are often life-altering and may change the way you live forever. The SUV rollover accident attorneys at the Manchin Injury Law Group understand this, and know that a successful lawsuit may be your only chance at ensuring you and your family will remain financially secure during this difficult time.

Our Fairmont personal injury lawyers will seek maximum compensation for you, including funds to pay for medical care plus compensation for all other economic and noneconomic losses.

Experienced Rollover Accident Lawyers Serving West Virginia

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that SUV rollover accidents kill an average of more than 10,000 people each year in the United States. Typically, SUV rollover accidents also account for more than half of all single-vehicle accidents that end in fatalities. At the Manchin Injury Law Group, our West Virginia SUV accident attorneys have been representing victims and families of victims of SUV accidents for more than 30 years.

We have the experience to represent you as you attempt to recover compensation for your physical and mental pain and suffering, hospital bills, lost income, and loss of future wage earning. The difficult part of these cases is being able to prove that the vehicle manufacturer is at fault and not the driver. This requires an advocate who does not fear giant corporate conglomerate attorneys, and who will stand tall for you, whether during negotiations or in the courtroom.

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