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Safety Week: Fire Prevention

Posted in Safety Tips,Uncategorized on October 9, 2017

It is fire prevention week and organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are encouraging families to plan for two ways out during a fire. During a fire, every second counts and can make the difference between escaping a fire safely or being trapped inside. That is why families should plan 2 escape routes for each room in the house, typically through the door and a window.

Not all fires can be prevented, but it is important for everyone’s safety to prepare and take steps to reduce the chances of one occurring. Here are the NFPA’s tips in the event of a house fire:

· Draw a map with escape routes for your home.

· Practice fire drills twice a year, once in the daytime and once at night.

· Teach children how to escape on their own if you are unable to get to them.

· Clearly mark your home so fire departments can easily find it.

· Close doors behind you when you leave; this can slow the spread of smoke, heat and fire.

· Once you make it outside, never go back in a burning building.

In the event of a fire, you may have less than 2 minutes to get out safely once smoke detectors go off. That is why it is so important to have a plan. The National Fire Protection Association has a variety of items available to help you prepare for a fire. Check out their website on how to make an emergency route plan, how to prepare your house, and to test your knowledge about house fires.