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Salem International University Loses Approval for Associate Nursing Program

Posted in News,Uncategorized on June 21, 2013

By letter dated June 13, 2013, the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses withdrew its approval for the associate’s degree nursing program at Salem International University.  The Board of Examiners for Registrered Professional Nurses is the body charged with accreditation of schools of nursing. 

In the June 13, 2013, letter, the board found that after being provided with information from the Board to Salem about certain deficiencies at Salem’s nursing program, Salem failed to correct deficiencies and other Board directives.  The Board also determined that Salem failed to cease and desist all admissions to all nursing programs; failed to notify all students that were to begin nursing courses in April 2013, that the opportunity to begin nursing courses was to be delayed; Salem failed to provide adequate communication to students; Salem suffered from lack of decision making authority in the nursing department; and Salem failed to comply with WV Code Section 30-7- et seq. or other Board laws, rules, standards, guidelines, and/or requests. 

As a result of the Board’s findings, the Board decided to withdraw its approval of Salem’s Nursing Associate Degree Program effective at twelve o’clock midnight August 31, 2013.

Due to the Board’s decision regarding the Board’s findings, many nursing students who had established their schooling at Salem will potentially be unable to finish their coursework, unable to graduate, and unable to sit for the Nursing exam.  According to information obtained from Salem’s website, the Associate’s Degree Nursing Program costs approximately $69,190 to complete.

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