Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Benefits in West Virginia


Last Updated on October 25,2023

1. Can you receive workers’ compensation benefits and Social Security disability benefits?

A: Yes. However, your Social Security disability benefits will be reduced so that the total amount of your workers’ compensation benefits plus your Social Security benefits does not exceed 80 percent of your average earnings.

2. What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

A: SSI is a program designed to assist people who have disabilities and extremely low incomes. SSI is paid for by federal taxes and is not an insurance program like Social Security Disability. Also, if you qualify for SSI, you will also qualify for Medicaid.

3. How long can you expect receive disability benefits?

A: As long as you are disabled, you should receive benefits. Before stopping your benefits, the Social Security Administration must have medical information proving that you are no longer disabled.

4. How does the Social Security Administration define disability?

A: The Social Security Administration uses the effects of your medical condition on your ability to work as a guide for defining disability. The more your medical condition prevents you from working, the more likely it is that Social Security will consider you disabled. Social Security also takes into consideration your age, education level, and mental condition to determine whether you should be considered for benefits.

5. Do my benefits change when I turn 65?

A: Yes. You will still receive benefits. However, they will no longer be paid for by the Social Security Disability Trust Fund. After age 65, your benefits will be changed to retirement benefits paid for by the Social Security Retirement Trust Fund.

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