Happy Hunting: Be Safe and Good Luck


posted in on November 20,2015

Hunting in West Virginia is a family tradition across the state. Each year more than 350,000 hunters go to the woods in search of game. With the start of the Buck firearm season on November 23, 2015, it is important that this tradition continues in a safe manner. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources provides a regulation summary for white-tail deer hunter which can be found here. For Marion, Monongalia, and Harrison Counties, the summary from the fact sheet provides the following guidance:

· Maximum season bag limit: 2

· One antlered deer may be taken on a valid base license or license combination, free license, resident underage or by a resident landowner hunting on his/her own land;

· One additional antlered deer may be taken on a Class RG or RRG stamp or by a resident landowner using that privilege;

· Note concurrent Antlerless Season.

In addition to following these rules from the DNR, it is always important to hunt in a safe manner. When you are out in the woods, keep these tips in mind:

· Check weather reports before heading into the woods;

· Tell someone where you will be hunting and when you plan to return;

· Be familiar with the area on which you are hunting;

· Check hunting equipment before and after each hunting outing and maintain the equipment properly;

· Familiarize yourself with the operation of your hunting equipment before using it in the field;

· Clearly identify your target before shooting to prevent unfortunate accidents or fatalities;

· Be alert when hunting near developed areas or trails;

· Avoid wearing white or tan during deer season. Wear hunter orange or another highly visible color.

We hope that you have a fun, safe, and fruitful hunt!


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