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5 Reasons to Photograph Injuries

Posted in blog,Car accident,Injuries on January 18, 2022

Every car wreck is stressful – even when the property damage is minor. When a crash causes injuries, it is easy to panic and nearly impossible to still your nerves and remain calm. It is important to remember though, that your actions in the aftermath of a collision may affect your ability to make a successful personal-injury claim.

The claims process begins well before you contact your insurance provider; it starts at the scene of the accident. You will need to collect evidence to prove negligence, liability, and damages. This evidence is particularly important if the at-fault party denies liability or if the insurance company refuses to cooperate.

Taking photographs is an excellent way to document physical injuries as well as property damage. Without proper documentation, it will be your word against theirs, with plenty of room for interpretation. A picture, however, captured details about the cause, time, date, people involved, property damage, and injuries.

If you are involved in a car accident, keep these 5 tips in mind:

  1. Injuries Heal, Photos Last Forever: Healing is a lengthy process, you might not notice the day-to-day changes. It is important for juries to understand what your injuries looked like at their worst, not after weeks of recovery.
  2. Judges and Jurors are people too: Courtrooms are intended to be impartial and objective; however, emotional connections can make a difference. Photographing injuries will help create an emotional connection with the judge and jury.
  3. Photos Don’t Lie: Photographs are one of the most important and credible pieces of evidence you can have. Photographs leave less room for interpretation.
  4. Photo Evidence Helps Insurance Companies Evaluate Your Claim: Because most personal injury claims are resolved through insurance settlements, photos become extremely important. Insurance companies are more motivated to settle when they fear the possibility of going to trial.
  5. No Photograph Can Result in Claim Denial: Insurance companies can accuse the victim of exaggerating their injuries or fabricating damage. With photographic evidence, insurance companies have a more difficult time making this argument.

If you are seeking compensation for an injury you sustained due to someone else’s negligence, Manchin Injury Law Group attorneys are ready to get to work on your case. Contact us today for a free consultation so we can get you on the road to recovery.