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Oil And Gas Trucks

Posted in Truck Accidents on March 17, 2021

The oil and gas industry persistently rises throughout West Virginia. While it has brought along many jobs and other benefits to our home state, the number of large trucks carrying machinery and water, among other resources, has also increased. Our large mountains, narrow roads, and back rural areas can make for a dangerous traveling experience. These can cause serious injuries or even death in some collisions.

Causes of Oil and Gas Truck Accidents

The following are a list of incidences that generally occur when an accident ends up taking place that you should be aware of:

  1. Not obeying speed limit signs
  2. Shipment shifting or indecently overloaded onto the trucks
  3. Truck maintenance isn’t properly kept
  4. Under-inflated tires on large oil and gas trucks
  5. The driver of the truck may be experiencing extreme exhaustion when disregarding appropriate rest times
  6. Inattentive operation of a vehicle
  7. Substance abuse
  8. The truck driver neglects the rules on the road

Tips for Preventing an Accident

While most of the above factors do not affect your ability to prevent such a collision, the following information produces some safeguards in decreasing your likelihood in being in an accident:

  1. Always use your turning signals
  2. Use intersections appropriately, and pay close attention
  3. Follow the speed limit
  4. Properly use traffic lights and signs
  5. Make sure you are aware who has the right of way especially on back, narrow roads, in addition to places that you utilize often

We hope that these precautionary tools assist you when traveling throughout our beautiful state, and wherever else your work or pleasure engagements may take you.

If you or a loved one have been involved in or experienced an injury or death as a result of a large truck, please contact one of the West Virginia truck accident attorneys at the Manchin Injury Law Group for a free consultation regarding your potential claim.