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Possible Ways to Get an Annulment

Posted in Divorce on May 15, 2018

When a married couple is considering divorce, they may also want to look into getting their marriage annulled as if it never happened. Not all couples are eligible for an annulment, but it could be a possibility. Normally annulments are sought for religious reasons, but they can also be requested for personal reasons. Keep in mind it is not easy to have an annulment granted. Here are a few potential grounds for getting an annulment approved.

If one spouse has committed fraud or lied in order to get the other spouse to enter a marriage, including failure to disclose important information such as an addiction, this may be grounds for annulment. If one spouse refuses to consummate the marriage, this could also be a ground for an annulment. Additionally, a spouse may claim that they were temporarily insane at the time of the marriage which means that they lacked the capacity to enter a marriage legally.

Some couples may seek a religious annulment as well as a civil annulment. Religious annulments do not have the same legal effect as a civil annulment.

If you or a family member is considering a divorce, they may want to see if they qualify for an annulment. Contact our experienced divorce attorneys to see how we can help. If you would like to learn more about divorces, check out our blog.