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Year-Round Car Maintenance

Posted in Safety Tips on June 11, 2018

Keeping up with your car’s maintenance is an important key in staying safe while driving. Throughout the year, your car has different needs. Downpours, freezing rain, snow, heat, dust, stop-and-go traffic, mud, and slick road conditions, all take different tolls on your vehicle. Check out our list of year-round car maintenance to be aware of when the weather changes.


When spring time approaches, you’ll want to pay attention to your tires, wiper blades, underbody, brakes, and fluids. You may think that if your car has all season tires, that there is no maintenance needed – this isn’t true. In the spring, you should rotate your tires if you aren’t replacing them.

Wiper blades and brakes take on a bigger role during winter months so they should both be examined carefully when the snow has cleared. Wiper blades have to move heavier slush or are being used to try to clear ice off your windshield. Brakes should be checked to see how much wear occurred during the winter months.


During the summer, it’s a good idea to check your air conditioning, cooling system, oil, lights, and battery. In hot months, the leading cause of a vehicle breakdown is overheating. The cooling system should be checked and refilled according to manufacturer standards.

Batteries can fail at any time of the year, and typically last 3-5 years. You should test your battery periodically to determine if yours is starting to fail.


Mechanical failures can be disastrous, particularly in the winter. It’s a good idea to check your heater, defroster, exhaust system, and tires. If your heater is not working properly, it can make for a miserable winter. Make sure it’s up and running before cold temperatures hit.

Following these helpful tips can help mitigate the possibility of a car accident in West Virginia. If a car accident does occur, avoid these mistakes and contact a qualified car accident attorney to help guide you through the legal process.