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Divorce and the Holidays

Posted in Divorce,Uncategorized on December 4, 2017

The holiday seasons can increase stress on a strained marriage, and the hopefulness of a new year can be an unhappy spouse’s a way out. During the holiday season, there is a spike in divorce filings and online searches for a divorce attorney.

Some spouses may choose to wait out the time during the holidays to file for divorce in the hopes that a new year can bring a new beginning in their relationship. Others may choose to delay the process to prevent extra drama during family gatherings; however, soon as the holiday season is over, they file for divorce to avoid another year of unhappiness and stress. Studies have shown that the majority of divorces filed during the spring have been contemplated since the holiday season.

If you and your spouse have already decided on getting a divorce, but are going to wait until the holidays are over, there are a few things you both can do to prepare. Be sure to take the right steps to take care of your kids, your finances, and yourself. Contact one of our divorce attorneys today if you need legal advice or want to start the process of filing for divorce.