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Month: February 2014

Insurance Bad Faith

Posted in Insurance law,Uncategorized on February 26, 2014

Anytime an insurance company wrongfully denies a claim, they are acting in bad faith. The insurance policy between the insurance company and the insured is considered a contract that requires the company to act in good faith. Insurance companies often try to deny a claim for any reason they can or underpay for a claim…. read more

Summit Park Volunteer Fire Department investigated by Fire Commission

Posted in News,Uncategorized on February 25, 2014

The Summit Park Volunteer Fire Department in Harrison County, West Virginia, is being investigated to determine if the fire department is in compliance with state law. The investigation was requested by the family of the late Nutter Fort volunteer firefighter, Michael Garrett. Garrett was killed February 1, 2014, while responding to a communications tower collapse… read more

Divorce: The Grounds

Posted in Divorce,Uncategorized on February 21, 2014

In order to be divorced in West Virginia, the couple must first establish the ground, or reasons, for the divorce. In order to decide on a ground, the couple must prove that ground. A spouse in the marriage only needs to prove one ground in order to have the divorce granted. The most common ground… read more

House fires and insurance companies

Posted in Insurance law,Uncategorized on February 18, 2014

After a house fire, homeowners often times make claims to their insurance company. When talking with the insurance company, be sure to record your claim number, your adjuster’s name, and the name of the person you spoke with. The insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to assess the damage of your home…. read more

What can the judge decide during the divorce process?

Posted in Divorce,Uncategorized on February 14, 2014

During a divorce in West Virginia, the family court judge decides the divorce. West Virginia has 35 family court judges in 26 family court circuits. The judge depends on where the divorce is filed. The judge can decide on property, debts, alimony, child custody, and child support in a divorce. Any property owned by both… read more

Divorce: The Basics

Posted in Divorce,Uncategorized on February 13, 2014

In order to obtain a divorce in West Virginia, certain elements must be met. A couple seeking a divorce in West Virginia must have been married in West Virginia and at least one of the spouses must continue to reside in West Virginia. Alternatively, a couple seeking a divorce in West Virginia can obtain a… read more

U.S. fire departments respond to 42 house fires every hour

Posted in Safety Tips,Uncategorized on February 11, 2014

West Virginia has the second highest death by fire rate of 37.2, after the District of Columbia. The relative risk of dying in a fire in West Virginia is 3.3 while the U.S. general population relative risk is 1. A house fire is something that can change your life in ways you can’t imagine. They… read more

Company involved in fatal collapse received prior citations

Posted in News,Uncategorized on February 10, 2014

S & S Communications, one of the companies involved in the February 1, 2014 cell-phone tower collapse was previously cited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration in 2009 after an employee fell to his death. The 2009 fatal accident caused S & S Communications to receive two serious violations from OSHA and a fine… read more

What is the statute of limitations?

Posted in Car accident,Uncategorized on February 6, 2014

The statute of limitations dates back to early Roman Law and is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Once the statute of limitations runs out, the legal claim is no longer valid. This is designed to prevent fraudulent claims from arising after all evidence has been lost. The statute of limitations is a defense that… read more

OSHA investigation could take up to six months.

Posted in Uncategorized,Workplace Injury on February 4, 2014

According to recent news reports, the February 1, 2014, collapse of cell towers could take up to six months to investigate. According to OSHA’s area director, Prentice Cline, OSHA arrived at the site of the collapse on Saturday and has started collecting evidence. Cline has described the incident as complex and indicated that the investigation… read more